Should I Buy or Rent Property in Ecuador [Quiz]?

Last Updated: 27th January 2020
Written by Jason Scott
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How long have you spent in Ecuador?
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Buying is a big commitment, so let's be sure you're here for the long haul.
I've researched the local market and understand the process and risks?
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It's a very different market than your home market.
If I'm considering an off-the-plan development...
Question Image
These are high risk as many projects start and do not finish.
If I choose to leave Ecuador, I'll be ok financially if the property takes 2+ years to sell?
Question Image
Property can take a looong time to sell in Ecuador. You can't rely on the same market forces you're used to.
I think renting in Ecuador is...
Question Image
Rental yields are relatively low in Ecuador. 3-5% is not uncommon.
Almost there. Please provide your details to see results
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A question that many expats ask themselves on the start of their journey is whether they should buy property in Ecuador or rent first. 

The decision can be made even more difficult when the excitement hits as you learn the price of property is a lot cheaper than in your home country. But, does this mean that buying is better than renting?  

We've put together a simple, but hopefully thought-provoking quiz to answer this question. We think it's particularly useful for those considering taking the plunge and buying property in Ecuador.

Feel free to leave any constructive comments below!

This is certainly not meant to be financial advice. 



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