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Traveler Health Declaration now required prior to boarding

Last Updated: 5th September 2021
Written by Jason Scott
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New requirements are now in force when entering Ecuador. 

From 30th August 2021, a Traveler Health Declaration (Declaración de Salud del Viajero) is required to be submitted at the point of origin.

Previously, a similar health form was required to be submitted upon entry to Ecuador. 

Why the change of procedure? 

Airlines previously provided the Traveler Health Declaration to passengers during the flight so they could fill it in and then hand it to the authorities upon landing. 

However, due to more people starting to arrive in Ecuador, this current approach was causing delays as many passengers were only filling in the form once they arrived in either Quito or Guayaquil. 

So, the idea is that by ensuring each passenger has already provided the form to the airline before departing, then the arrival process will be better organized with less waiting around. 

If it helps remove lines & congestion at Ecuador's arrival airports, then this is a very welcome move. I recall my trip back to Ecuador in July 2020. This was around the time the new health questionnaire was introduced and it was quite a chaotic process. 

Now, I'm sure the process has evolved over time to something more organized and professional. But, further improving the entry procedure can only be a good thing for travelers. 

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Where to download the Traveler Health Certificate? 

You can download it from the official site here. The form is in Spanish & English. 

What questions does the form cover? 

It's very straightforward. It mainly covers practical information about your trip to Ecuador, including where you'll be staying. From a COVID perspective, the most important part of the form is at the bottom where they ask several health questions. 

Other entry requirements for Ecuador

The current entry requirements to enter Ecuador are as follows. In addition to completing the Traveler Health Declaration, passengers over 2 years of age must present: 

  1. Negative PCR test, within last 72 hours; OR
  2. Vaccination card against Covid-19, completed at least 14 days prior to departure

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3 comments on “Traveler Health Declaration now required prior to boarding”

  1. I may not be able to fill out the health form for Ecuador. I'm fully vaccinated with two boosters. Can I still fill out the health form on the plane to Ecuador. Plant to go to Quito.

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