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Guides from a mixed expat & Ecuadorian family for an easy transition to Ecuador
16th May 2022
We Purchased a Business in Ecuador [& Our Learnings So Far]  

2021 was a year of massive change for our family. We welcomed our newest son, Billy, into the family & one month earlier we finalized the acquisition of our 1st business in Ecuador. We’ve spent a lot of time adjusting to these changes but we’re super grateful for the lessons we’ve learned along the way.  […]

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Meet Michelle & Jason

Michelle (Ecuadorian) and Jason (Australian) share a fulfilling life together in Ecuador. They've created this site to provide Ecuador travel tips and help other expats make the transition to life in Ecuador. 

Michelle is a former tour guide with an abundance of knowledge on all things Ecuador. 

Jason is a seasoned digital nomad, turned expat, who fell in love with Ecuador and never left. 

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Michelle & Jason

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