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Guides from a mixed expat & Ecuadorian family for an easy transition to Ecuador
10th March 2022
Expat Health Insurance in Ecuador: The Complete Guide

One of the key considerations of expats moving to Ecuador is health insurance and the quality of healthcare. And, rightly so. This can be especially true for those coming from the US where the price of healthcare continues to soar, making it unaffordable for many retirees to continue to live there.  This guide provides all […]

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Meet Michelle & Jason

Michelle (Ecuadorian) and Jason (Australian) share a fulfilling life together in Ecuador. They've created this site to provide Ecuador travel tips and help other expats make the transition to life in Ecuador. 

Michelle is a former tour guide with an abundance of knowledge on all things Ecuador. 

Jason is a seasoned digital nomad, turned expat, who fell in love with Ecuador and never left. 

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