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Blue Box Insurance

Cuenca & Manta
Last Updated: 2nd June 2021
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Last Updated: 2nd June 2021

Blue Box Insurance Overview

Blue Box Insurance is an insurance broker with a great reputation amongst expats that have settled in Ecuador.

They work with over 25 insurance companies to offer the complete range of insurance products needed by expats, including:

Why Expats Trust Blue Box Insurance

Buying insurance in Ecuador can be downright confusing for expats, especially given the language barrier. With so many companies and plans to choose from, it's hard to know which will actually cover you when it comes time to use it.

The reimbursement process can also be difficult to navigate as there are strict processes you'll need to follow - make a mistake and you could very easily find your claim denied.

This is where having Blue Box Insurance in your corner can really help.

English speaking

There are very few quality insurance brokers in Ecuador that are able to communicate in English. For new arrivals that don't speak any Spanish, trying to find adequate coverage can be an enormous challenge.

Even settled expats with intermediate Spanish skills can be stumped by the insurance contracts that are written in Spanish. It can be very easy to misinterpret, or even completely miss, important clauses in these detailed contracts.

Blue Box Insurance uses English-speaking representatives, lead by the owner Carlos, who speaks great English and is always available to jump in and help solve any issues.

They are happy to run through the contracts in English with you and answer any questions you may have. This can be a significant value-add as you'll know exactly what you're covered for.

Help booking your doctor appointments

Health insurance is one of the most sought-after products at Blue Box. One reason why is the exceptionally useful after-sales service provided by the team.

This includes assistance booking your medical appointments. You call the team and they'll scout around for the best doctor and hospital for your current medical needs and make the appointment on your behalf.

This can be especially useful for expats that are new to the health care system in Ecuador. But even experienced expats save a lot of time by having someone else doing all of the doctor and hospital research.

This was a core reason why I purchased health insurance with Blue Box.

Hands-on assistance if you're in a vehicle accident

Car insurance is another specialty of Blue Box. The team is renowned for providing efficient and thoughtful assistance during the frantic time of an accident.

If location permits, they may even drop everything to come and help you at the site of the incident, including taking photos, filing the reports, and arranging for the cars to be repaired.

Walk you through the reimbursement process

They'll also walk you through all of the paperwork associated with the appointment. This ensures you know exactly the process you need to follow in order to receive your maximum reimbursement.

This is important as I know several insurance brokers that don't provide this level of guidance and it can lead to denied claims and you footing the entire medical bill.

Blue Box will also help you appeal any denied claims. Again, there is a specific process to follow and they'll help you with this.

Service all of Ecuador

Blue Box currently has two offices that service all of Ecuador. These are located in Cuenca and Manta.

It doesn't matter if you can't visit a physical office as they offer online appointments via Zoom. If physical signatures are required, they can quickly send the documents to you via courier.

Buying with a broker vs direct with the insurance company

You can generally buy insurance through a broker or sometimes directly with the insurance company.

You won't pay more for using an insurance broker. The insurance broker's commission is always paid by the insurance company.

Some of the key advantages of using a broker include:

  • Can compare plans from multiple companies
  • Plan recommendations to better suit your individual needs
  • More likely to help you with the refund process as it's not in their vested interests to deny the claim

How to contact Blue Box

If you're after a quote or just more information on the types of insurance options available, use the below form to contact Blue Box Insurance directly. They'll respond within 24 hours (probably much sooner).

Jason Editor Expats Ecuador

Jason Scott

Editor, Expats Ecuador
"I chose Blue Box for my health insurance because they speak English and actually provide after-sales support. This has been very difficult to find with other insurance brokers in Ecuador. 

Payment methods

Bank Transfer
Credit Cards

Languages Spoken


Want an insurance quote or have some questions? 

Blue Box have agreed to provide our readers with obligation-free quotes & to answer any questions you may have about insurance in Ecuador. 

Leave your details below, along with any questions you may have and they'll respond within 24 hours (usually it's much quicker). The more detailed the questions, the more useful your response will be. 


Testimonials for Blue Box

  • We have been using Carlos Ramirez and his associate Luisa Castro for our auto insurance since we started Cuenca Car Share. Prompt and always available when needed. They both speak English and offer all types of insurance. (Auto, health, homeowners).
    Blue Box Insurance Testimonial

    David Korkoian

    Cuenca Car Share
    They are true professionals and #1 in customer service.
  • Carlos is an honest well-mannered professional that is fluent in English and Spanish. He communicates well with both the client and the seller. He was with us for the mechanical evaluation and the registration of the vehicle. He made the entire process as painless as possible. 
    Blue Box Insurance Testimonial

    Gary Fagner

    He definitely has the client’s best interest at heart.
  • Carlos and his whole staff are dedicated to helping in every way. They went the extra mile for us many times: whether it was holding the office open late one time to meet an urgent last-minute need we had; or printing documents for us because we did not have a printer; or even helping us to move away from their products into IESS coverage. 
    Blue Box Insurance Testimonial

    Heather Conley

    I honestly don't know how another company could match them. 
  • Carlos made finding the right car for us so easy. He took us to see the car, had it inspected, checked for any outstanding tickets on the car, helped with the title change, and getting it insured. We highly recommend Carlos for your auto and medical insurance needs!
    Blue Box Insurance Testimonial

    Brian Brown

    He made the whole process very smooth. 
  • I recommend the insurance services of Blue Box Insurance Broker without reservation. On a very tight time frame, Carlos found me a reasonably priced insurance policy to meet my visa requirements, and at no charge placed me in the IESS insurance system. Carlos is very customer oriented and speaks excellent English. The staff in his office are helpful and service oriented as well. 
    Blue Box Insurance Testimonial

    Elizabeth Cohen

    I have found Carlos to be helpful, personable, and knowledgable about insurance options for expats. 


Expats Ecuador provides business details for Blue Box Insurance for you to complete your own due diligence. A listing in our business directory does not mean we endorse the business. We will not be held responsible for any interaction you have with the business.
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Expats Ecuador provides business details for Blue Box Insurance for you to complete your own due diligence. A listing in our business directory does not mean we endorse the business. We will not be held responsible for any interaction you have with the business.
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