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Expat Consultations

You've got mountains of questions you need to ask real expats before committing to a move to Ecuador. We've got the answers. 
Expat Consultations Cuenca

Ecuador Practical Matters. Solved.

We've been guiding expats on how to settle into life in Ecuador for years with our popular blog. Now, we're passing this on to you directly with our expat consultations.


We don't sugar coat what life in Ecuador is really like. It's certainly not for everyone. We believe you deserve to know the full story before committing to a new life here, so we share our experiences openly and honestly with you. 
Expats Ecuador Consultations
Ecuador Expat Consultations Cuenca

Local Knowledge For the Win

What's better than a consultation with an expat? A combined consultation with an expat + Ecuadorian local. 
Michelle is Ecuadorian born and raised and speaks fluent English. This means we can offer you two very different perspectives in an open, non-judgment forum. 
Your perfect opportunity to ask any awkward cultural questions. 

Online or In-Person

Whilst the majority of our consultations happen online, we're also happy to catch up over coffee whilst you're checking out the popular expat destination of Cuenca. 
Cafe Expat Consulations

Meet Michelle & Jason

Michelle & Jason
Michelle (Ecuadorian) and Jason (Australian) share a fulfilling life together in Ecuador. They've create Expats Ecuador to help other expats make the transition to life in Ecuador. 

Michelle is a former tour guide with an abundance of knowledge on all things Ecuador. 

Jason is a seasoned digital nomad, turned expat, who fell in love with Ecuador and never left. 

We look forward to meeting you. 

Michelle & Jason


Topics We Can Cover

Every expat's journey is different. We tailor our consultations based on your core concerns about moving to Ecuador. These can include, but are not limited to, the following topics: 





Family Life


Cost of Living

Cultural Differences





Lets talk turkey (or Guinea Pigs...)

Consultation Pricing

How much is peace of mind worth to you? We're confident it's considerably more than our reasonable consultation fees. 

Online: 30 mins

30 mins to cover your most pressing concerns about moving to Ecuador. 

Provided via video conference with one click setup. 

Maximum of 2 participants to ensure we can cover questions in sufficient detail.


Via Paypal (or Credit Card)
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In-Person: 1 hr

1 hour to talk in detail about your potential new life in Ecuador. 

Provided in Cuenca at a cafe (your choice or we can recommend) and includes your 1st coffee. 

Maximum of 3 participants. 


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Frequently asked questions

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

Your booking is confirmed once you've selected your preferred time & paid online. You'll receive an email notification confirmation too. 

How do I access the online meeting?

We'll send you the meeting link just before the scheduled time. We use online meeting software that allows you to join with one click from any browswer. No software to download! 

I want to meet in person, can meet over lunch instead?

Sure thing. We enjoy visiting the many cafes & restaurants in Cuenca. You're free to nominate your favorite or leave it to us. We'll still pay for your first coffee, but we'll split the lunch cost. 

Why do you have a maximum group size?

It comes down to time constraints. We've found that most expats have 2 or 3 key concerns they want feedback on and we can deliver the most value by going deeper into these, rather than skimming the surface of everybody's questions. 

Have a different question? 

We'd love to hear it. Feel free to get in contact with us.

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Get the information you need to make an informed decision about your possible move to Ecuador BEFORE you've committed time and money. 
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